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Fish Smoking Service

We are the first to offer fish smoking and it has become very popular among our customers. In addition to our original recipe, we also have a Cajun flavor.

Most anglers say steelhead is at its best when smoked. 

Smoked steelhead is great for parties and other gatherings. It also makes a great gift to family & friends.

It's easy to turn your catch into a tasty treat. Just bring your catch in to our store. If you want your own fish back, it takes a couple days for the smoking process and you can pick it up at a later time. We also offer an even exchange of your raw fish for one already smoked of equal size. This way, you don't have to wait and you can enjoy the smoked fish immediately. The even exchange also works great for our out of town customers who can't wait for the two day process.

If you clean your own catch, we do not offer the even exchange. You must receive your own fish back.

Total: $15.50 per fish